The Monocle Companion #3

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The Monocle Companion: Fifty Ideas for a Better World 

In this issue:

  • Why words matter, how to use them more clearly and what taking pictures can teach us all.
  • Travelling better, how not to be an expat and the importance of friendship in a lonely world.
  • The difficulty of doing nothing at all – and getting around it.
  • What would happen if children ran our cities and how urban centres might survive the loss of workers.
  • Why we need to trash the recycling symbol, go easy on greenwashers (really) and exercise our imagination.
  • War and peas: food diplomacy and why it matters, and rethinking how we eat to save the planet.
  • How to avoid losing sleep over technology and be in the moment with others.
  • The importance of planting seeds and the lessons that gardens can teach us.
  • A common-sense manifesto for businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • How to rethink society for the better. First question: do we need the nation-state?

Published out of London, Monocle was launched as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more in 2007.