The Monocle Companion

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Published by Monocle, The Monocle Companion has 50 inspiring essays to improve everything from your vacation to your vocation, our first-ever paperback is packed with long-reads, inspiration and cheery ideas to make you happy.

In this issue:

The brief history of time and why applications that claim to track it can be a waste of yours.

Why freedom of speech sometimes means raising your voice against the silliness.

What Nordic co-operation can teach an increasingly fractious world about the importance of good neighbours.

Why it’s OK to change your mind – sometimes – and why people should.

How to live with a fascist past, why there’s little wrong with cultural appropriation and the pleasures and pitfalls of eating outdoors.

How learning a craft can shape the creator, why to doodle and the surprising wisdom behind stargazing.


Published out of London, Monocle was launched as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more in 2007.