The Funambulist #48

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The 48th issue of The Funambulist is entitled “Fifty Shades of White(ness).” Beyond its tongue-in-cheek title, the general editorial argument is that if we are to consider whiteness at the global scale, we require a more complex understanding of it than the one constructed in opposition to white supremacy in the United States. As stated in Léopold Lambert's introduction, “The distinctions this issue intends to make is that we understand whiteness as fundamentally produced by two affirmations: first, we cannot approach race solely through a regime of visibility (i.e. what’s ‘visible’ to us) and second, race is a space-time (i.e. racializing processes always have to be understood contextually).” With this in mind, this issue analyses regimes of racialization of Caucasians, i.e. people of the Caucasus (Keto Gorgadze) and Romani people (Margareta Matache) or how, in certain spatial and temporal contexts, Ukrainians (Darya Tsymbalyuk) or Poles (Kasia Narkowicz) are situated “in proximity with” whiteness, in a nuance that the settler colonial paradigm fails to conceptualise.