How About Now: Going Electric

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How About Now is a brand new print magazine that seeks to delve deeper into the ideas that hold promise for a sustainable world. It is an independent, carbon-neutral publication that gets behind innovations that look to course-correct some of the blunders of our past, nudges policy deliberations to accelerate change, and finds people who inspire action — all while staying incredibly hopeful.

This independent publication is a three-part capsule — first, an in-depth conversation with a person driving systemic change; second, a deep dive into a matter calling for urgent attention; and third, thoughtful insights from experts and leaders with their ears to the ground. This issue meets wildlife cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty, before heading into the sleek, low-carbon world of electric vehicles.

Inside: Narratives from intrepid journalists, filmmakers and researchers, comics and photo essays from visual artists, and insightful interviews with industry leaders about what the future holds for this sector and for us.

Plus, a slick new bumper sticker for your first EV, designed by Shiva Nallaperumal, one of India’s leading type designers and co-founder of November with fellow designer Juhi Vishnani.

How About Now is conceptualised and produced by The Paper Planes Agency, and is published by the WorthWhile Future Foundation, a non-profit at the intersection of finance and sustainability.