Cavities 003: The Fruity Edition

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Presenting the Oct 2022 issue of Way Too Many Cavities: A professional pâtisserie bulletin series. It is written and edited by Prateek Bakhtiani, the Head Chef of Ether: Atelier Chocolat.

Cavities is a yearly bulletin series centered around modern patisserie in India. It is formatted around exploring one iconic dessert per issue, with some of (usually 5 of) India’s top patissiers lending their insights, techniques and recipes. The publication almost always also contains an addendum that explores the cultural context of the dessert in focus. 

The latest issue CAV 003 is centered around Seasonality, Sexuality and Fruits. Each chef in this issue takes on one season: discussing its fruits, their personal relationship to said fruits, and share a fruit tart developed for Cavities with them. Extending the pun, fruit or fruit tart being an old-timey slur for queer folk, ‘I am Fruity’ is a conversational cultural addendum in this issue where queer chefs and restauranteurs discuss the current state of representation in Indian kitchens and ask themselves, ‘where do we go from here?’

Contributors: Chef Dean Rodrigues, Chef Dina Weber, Chef Tejasvi Chandela, Chef Bani Nanda, Chef Prateek Bakhtiani 

Conversations: Chef Akriti Malhotra, Eeshaan Kashyap, Chef Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar, Fay Barretto, Chef Brehadeesh Kumar