Wallpaper #294

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The Guest Editors issue invites three visionary figures in the fields of art and design to edit a section of the magazine and bring their unique perspectives to Wallpaper*: global art pioneer Yayoi Kusama, visual artist and musician ANOHNI, and the original design trailblazer Giulio Cappellini. 

Alongside this, there’s a lighting round-up from interiors editor Olly Mason and a striking beauty shoot with Dior Make-up director Peter Philips. The magazine marks 20 years of the Rolex Mentors & Protégés project, explores Omer Arbel’s rare architectural offering in Vancouver, and delves into Aesop’s restorative design ethos. 

Launched in 1996, Wallpaper* is one of the world’s most distinguished global design magazine. Aimed at an international audience, it celebrates the best in design, fashion, travel and technology.