The Paris Review #244

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John Keene on the Art of Fiction: “What my countereducation said at a very basic level was, You have value. Black people around the world are the center, they’re not the margin.”

Sharon Olds on the Art of Poetry: “If I had to choose between a poem being therapeutic and it being a better poem, I’d want it to be a better poem.”

Prose by Caleb Crain, Lydia Davis, Rachel B. Glaser, James Lasdun, Juliana Leite, Diane Oliver, and Jamie Quatro.

Poetry by Leopoldine Core, Richie Hofmann, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Jessica Laser, Lewis Meyers, Mirta Rosenberg, Jonathan Thirkield.

Art by Margot Bergman and Jameson Green.

Cover: Emilie Louise Gossiaux, London with Ribbon, 2022, ballpoint pen on paper. 

The Paris Review is a quarterly English language literary magazine.