The Paris Review #226

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The Paris Review issue 226 features:

Penelope Lively on the Art of Fiction: “A novel should reflect its society and its circumstances.” Frederick Wiseman on the Art of Documentary: “Before the film is finished, I have to be able to put into words why I have selected each shot and the meaning I attach to the order of the sequences.”

New Fiction by Pilar Fraile Amador, Venita Blackburn, Rachel Khong, Nell Freudenberger, Mary Miller, and Diane Williams.

Poems by Lucie Brock-Broido, Jericho Brown, Grady Chambers, Marilyn Chin, Henri Cole, Louise Glück, Ishion Hutchinson, William Logan, Sharon Olds, Carl Phillips, Spencer Reece, Martha Ronk, Noah Warren, and Adam Zagajewski.

Nonfiction by Mitchell S. Jackson. A portfolio curated by Charlotte Strick, with an essay by Claire Vaye Watkins. And five poems by Max Jacob translated by Elizabeth Bishop with an essay by Rosanna Warren.

The Paris Review is a quarterly English language literary magazine.