Suitcase Vol. 37: Craft

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Suitcase Magazine Volume 37 (the Craft Issue) takes you to Cuba, Greece, Switzerland, Helsinki, Cape Verde, Santa Barbara.

to craft is as old as civilisation itself - without tools, hunting weapons and cooking implements, we could not have put down roots, built communities and become the industrious farming folk who went on to inherit the earth. And travel? Well, let's just say that without producers, creators and tastemakers, the world would be a lot less exciting to explore.

So often, it's these people and experiences that provide a reason for us to jump on that plane, board that train and schlep across town to try that brilliant new bistro. In this issue of Suitcase we offer a window on their talent, craft and creativity. From the Ukrainian potter finding solace in symbols, to the Cuban rum distiller nurturing the perfect pour, we showcase those preserving artisanal traditions, forging the new and celebrating the joy of art.

Join us as we discover the rhythms and guitar workshops currently making Cape Verde's Mindelo move, visit the Indian village reviving the lost art of traditional indigo dyeing, and reveal why edgy Santa Barbara should be top of your California wish list. There's hiking and the unsung alpine delights of summer in Switzerland, a visit to Australia's iconic southern surf coast, and a browse through some of the globe's best craft galleries.”

Suitcase is a quarterly print travel magazine. Country of origin: England.