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Mishrana – Ikebana of Japan meets Recipes of India

The coffee table book Mishrana is an intriguing melange or mishrana of Indian recipes alongside the floral arrangements of 75 Ikebana artists. It is bound to pamper your artistic sensibilities into savouring the vivid cultures of Japan and India, both vivid worlds of flowers and food. Ikebana is the Japanese traditional art of flower arrangement. The creations showcase local flora, creating an awareness of nature and the importance of protecting the environment.

The common thread that Ikebana masters Rekha Reddy, Indumathy Davloor, Padma Duvvuri, and Nirupa Reddy have is the love for nature, Ikebana, and food – making way for this offering. They have put together an eclectic amalgamation of Ikebana and recipes with zeal, thereby creating a vibrant blend and understanding of the cultures of India and Japan.