Little White Lies #96

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Each issue of Little White Lies dedicates its entire front section to an upcoming theatrical release, drawing inspiration from the themes and visual tone of the carefully selected film. The back section features essential reviews of the latest movie releases, plus exclusive interviews, festival reports and more.

In Issue #96:

Lead Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – David Jenkins has the ride of a lifetime on Rian Johnson’s politically trenchant whodunit marvel.

Back in the Game – Adam Woodword has a long and winding chat with writer/director Rian Johnson on his inspirations behind the continuing saga of Benoit Blanc.

Blanc Check – The world needed an iconic super sleuth, and Daniel Craig delivered in Benoit Blanc. Hannah Strong meets him to talk fits, parties and his pivot to comedy.

The Artisans – Four below-the-line artists delve into the secrets of working with Rian Johnson and the craft behind Glass Onion.

The LWLies Short Film Detective Agency – A team of cine-sleuths look back at the first flirtations with moviemaking of a host of directorial legends.

A Page Ripped From the LWLies Gazette – Classified ads. Movie detectives A-Z.

In Search of Simenon – Jeff Billington embarked on a Georges Simenon odyssey and lived to tell the tale.

To Kill for Love is Such a Thrill – Kyle Turner on the intersections between musical-theatre godhead Stephen Sondheim, and the time-honoured murder mystery.

Across the Universe – Michael Leader explores how the Beatles have influenced movies beyond their music.

In the back section

Don Cheadle – Leila Latif meets the Hollywood legend to comb over his career as actor and activist, and his strange and brilliant new role in Noah Baumbach’s White Noise.

James Gray – The Queens-born director of Armageddon Time waxes philosophical on time and memory with Hannah Strong.

Luca Guadagnino – The beloved Bones and All director on how he jumped at the chance to work with his old muse Timothée Chalamet again.

Charlotte Wells – The Aftersun director chats to Rafa Sales Ross about personal cinema and the melancholy aspects of nostalgia.

Ruben Östlund – The double Palme d’Or-winner on Triangle of Sadness and his provocative take on the #MeToo movement.

Vicky Krieps – The star of Corsage speaks to Marina Ashioti about playing an Austrian queen and working alongside many cute dogs.

Little White Lies launched in 2005 with the sole aim of creating a magazine that captures the excitement of talking about movies with good friends by bringing together impassioned, intelligent writing with striking illustration. The magazine has since become renowned for its independent ethos and iconic covers.