I’m Not Here

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I’m Not Here, a photobook by Anurag Banerjee, is the author’s exploration of the idea of home. It’s the journey of his transition from adolescence to adulthood. Through the evolving relationship with his parents, their dog, and the landscape of Shillong, I’m Not Here is the author’s search for his irrevocable condition. The 156-page book holds evocative photographs and snippets of text, encompassing feelings of homesickness, the vivid details that stick with us, and the ways we are shaped by the places we call home.

About the author:
Anurag Banerjee is an independent photographer from Shillong, based out of Bombay. His entry into the medium was through documentary photography. His first body of work, Love in Bombay, documented intimacy in public spaces in Bombay, his ode to the city he is still learning to love. With time, Anurag moved away from this kind of work, slowly understanding the power of photography as an introspective tool. I’m Not Here evolved with this understanding, a work that started off as a documentary project and eventually became about an idea, an irrevocable condition. Today, Anurag uses photography, and text, as a way to understand and situate himself within the context of the world around him.

7.33in X 11in | 156 pages | First edition of 500
ISBN: 978-93-5526-650-7
Printed at Naveen Printers, Delhi
Production of this edition was made possible by a grant from Nazar Foundation under their Artist Assist Initiative.