Blooms & Looms

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Blooms & Looms – A weave of Ikebana & Saris

Blooms & Looms is a coffee table book that juxtaposes the Japanese art of Ikebana and the beauty of Indian saris.

Ikebana is a traditional art form of Japan which involves the creative arrangement of flowers and other plant materials in various aesthetic combinations. They are graceful and rhythmic with interesting lines. The art form evolved from simple offerings of flowers at the altar in Buddhist temples to many other styles and schools.

The Ikebana arrangements in the book are created using a plethora of local flowers and foliage, and themed on the lines of a traditional Indian saris beside it. The effort also is directed to revoke the dwindling attention to saris especially amongst the youth. The aim is to rekindle the interest in saris, the art of the weavers, and our culture, as well as inculcate a deeper awareness of nature and the beautiful art of flower arrangement called Ikebana.

The authors Rekha Reddy, Indumathy Davloor, Nirupa Reddy, and Padma Duvvuri are Ikebana masters with a keen interest to spread the art. Blooms & Looms has the collective arrangements and saris of 55 participants all of whom are passionate about the Japanese art and promoting Indian culture.