Big Little Things #4

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Our fourth (and final) issue of Big Little Things is devoted to Coexistence. What can we learn from the wild? How do you live a life closer to nature? Why must we be more considerate of our impact on the planet? These are ideas that are crucial for sustainable development, and it’s an issue that’s packed with insights and inspiration.

Inside are stories on an exemplary citizen-science project in a Karnataka forest, the wildlife and biodiversity that contributes to the food on your plate, staying connected to nature and the outdoors, and other insights on living more meaningful lives in coexistence with the planet. Our contributors include wildlife writer Sejal Mehta, coffee and avocado producer Pranoy Thipaiah, writer and editor Neha Dara, and wildlife filmmaker and TV presenter Malaika Vaz.

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Big Little Things is a collaboration between Paper Planes and UnLtd India. It is a four-part magazine series to inquire and deliberate — sometimes ruefully — about the things that really matter, with folks who work relentlessly to make the world a better place. Read more about the collaboration here.