Apartamento Cookbook #6

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The sixth annual Apartamento cookbook is dedicated, somehow, to salads. The book is titled 'somehow salads' as the term ‘salads’ did not seem to be broad enough to define such a collection of recipes by the publishers.

The book features: Pig’s ear cocktail from Tarragona’s Bar Cortijo. Late-night guinea fowl, the original staff meal from Bao, London. Grilled and glazed greens from Septime, Paris, the type to earn them a Michelin star. Or the everyday life classic from one of South Korea’s top chefs, his clams in cho-gochujang sauce. Plus: seaweed from a California commune, burnt-pecan dressing, romesco sauce, winemakers and writers, and a salad baked in cheese from the cook who opened a restaurant with Gordon Matta-Clark in the ‘70s. 

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